Our Membership

MCB is fortunate to have so many wonderful musicians, and we’re always accepting new members so please feel free to join us.

Section leader names are marked with *. Our charter members (who’ve been with us since the Band began in 1978) are listed in red, our twenty-plus-year veterans are listed in blue, and our thirty-plus-year veterans are listed in green.

  • Flutes: Janice Franklin, John Kent, Heather Latimer, Annamaria Mazzaferro, Judi McIntyre, Deirdre Pomeroy, Kevin Qiu, Lisa Sinclair, Skye Sweet*, Judith Thornton, John Webster
  • Clarinets: Leonard Corsini, Cathy Fraser, Ian Hughes, Alex Latoche, Bruce Marshall, Faye Mintsoulis, Rachel Murad, Cathy Parry*Shelley Toivonen, Marie Winkel, Sandra Won
  • Saxophones: Wilf Attong, Sean Breen, Betsy Duffy, Dennis Gazarek, Betsy Marquart, Vishal Reddy, Heather Richards, John Sellens*, Christella So
  • French Horns: Greg Balsdon, Sharon Chandran, Dina E. Cox*, Beth Crichton, Cameron Mark, Peter Ottensmeyer
  • Trumpets: Sharon Ashley, Holly Holmes, Doug Hoyle, Vern Kennedy, Jay Kim, Nicole Michalchuk, Kari Mui-Chan, Gord Neill*, Wally Osbaldeston, Larry Pogue, Ian Robertson, Cory Wilson
  • Trombones: Roberta Arbuckle, Mark Hazlett, Tim Henry, Bob Hilliard, Yuki Kitamura, Pat Marshall,  Ryan Rozinskis, Phil Thomson*, Grant Watson
  • Euphoniums: Frank Dempsey, Wendy Dickson, Wendy Sinha*, Howard Tewsley, Doug Thorburn, Peter Voth, Corey Yeung, Gabby Yung
  • Tubas: Keith Chapin*, Donna O’Brien
  • Percussion:   Nate Freedman, Heather Wardell*
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