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Percussion equipment moving roster

The current version of the roster for moving percussion is available here.

Loaner Instrument Policy

The current version of MCB’s policy on its loaner instruments is available here.

Message from Doug – December 3rd

Please bring some goodies (a reminder that some folks have nut allergies), and we’ll have a pot luck party for the second half of the Dec. 9 rehearsal. That’s our last rehearsal of 2019.
In the first half, we’ll work on:
Super Mario
Morceau (assuming we find the parts)
Module Evaluation:
1) Dynamics
We’ve definitely expanded our dynamic range. Our ability to play softly, with a focused sound and good tune, has definitely improved. Well done!
2) Rehearsal Effectiveness
This is still a work in progress. As I reflected on last night’s rehearsal, it seemed that most of my comments were repeats of what I’d said in earlier weeks. If you’re not using a pencil because you remember everything I say, please mark stuff anyway- it may inspire the person beside you to mark his music. Great ensemble performers don’t wait to be told to play the marked dynamics, articulations and key signatures- but they also listen to what else is happening and adjust accordingly. If everyone could do those two things, it would change my job from pointing out the obvious to offering new refinements. That’s a win for everyone- performers, audience and me.
Remaining in 2019:
Monday Dec. 9: half rehearsal, half pot luck party
Monday Dec. 16: mini-band at retirement home, 6:30 pm, location to follow
Break until January 6!

Maps for our Shows

Click ‘view larger map’ on a particular map to go to a full-sized one where you can also get directions to the concert.

Flato Markham Theatre

Markham Fair

Markham Village Festival (Main St Markham and Robinson)

Orillia Aqua Theatre


Details in the event of rain for Orillia

Doors to the Opera House will only be open at 5:30pm for load in. Band members can enter via the elevator entrance or front door. The elevator entrance is through the double doors – with windows – toward the back of the Opera House, directly across from the Library entrance in the parking lot.

From the elevator, the stage is on the 3rd floor. From the front entrance or ground floor, the stage is on the 1st floor (meaning up the stairs and through the double doors).

Unionville Millennium Bandstand

Chartwell Woodhaven Long Term Care, 380 Church Street


Suggestion Box (from Heather – June 19, 2019)

Many of you have given the exec ideas and suggestions, which is great. It’s often hard for us to keep track, though, especially when they’re given at rehearsals and we don’t have a chance to write them down.

So, we now have a form! If you go to you can give us your suggestion and why you think it’s something MCB should do. All responses come directly to me, and if they fit with our five-year plan I’ll take them to the exec for a group decision on whether (and when) to go ahead.
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