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ATTENTION: due to the closure of Cornell Community Centre, MCB rehearsals are cancelled until (at the earliest) June 1st. Updates here as we have them.


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Message from Doug – May 12th

We just received word from the organizers of the Sunday night concert series at the AquaTheatre- they’ve cancelled this year’s shows. We had been scheduled for August 9.

Stay safe and be patient. We’ll get through this and back to a semblance of normal eventually.

Message from Doug – May 6th

I hope everyone is staying safe and finding a way to stay connected. Here’s an update re our MCB future events.
Sharon received notice that Cornell has deleted our scheduled June rehearsals from the books. While the government hasn’t released a timeline for large group assembly, the Cornell decision isn’t shocking. If things change, we can always get the dates back.
Sunday, June 20, Markham Village Music Festival. The street event is cancelled. The organizers have proposed a virtual show, with performers submitting digital performances. I prepared a fifteen minute movie using four of our songs and lots of photos. If they go ahead with the project, I’ll let you know when their link is live. If not, I’ll post it on YouTube and you can see it there. See if you can guess which four tunes I used…
Orillia asked a few weeks ago if we could field a band for the August 9 show. We told them that we don’t know. Stay tuned.
Markham Fair just made the decision to cancel this year’s fair. Our gig would have been Oct. 3
Bottom line- the curve may be flattening, but we’re a ways off from normal MCB, I’m afraid. Hang in there.
Guaranteed to provide a smile- here’s an amazingly talented singer with a great COVID-19 song parody.

Message from Doug – April 24th

I hope all of you are doing well and finding new ways to connect with family and friends. Markham’s community centres are “closed until further notice”, and the roll-out procedures I’ve seen suggest that it will be quite a while before large group assembly is possible. If initial group activities are limited to something smaller than our full membership, it’s possible we’ll look at running sectionals for a while. Your exec is continuing to stay in touch and doing what planning we can do.
There’s been interest expressed in trying some MCB virtual performances. Have a look at this video from Thornhill Community Band.
I chatted by email with Joan Sax, and the project began with individual band members listening to a percussion track while recording themselves on their phone. Extensive video editing was required to pull it all together. 
It’s impressive, and fun to do once, but it doesn’t replace the experience of an in-person rehearsal or performance. As far as we can determine, the technology to let us rehearse as a group doesn’t exist. I’d love to be proven wrong, though, so if anyone has a solution, let me know!

Message from Heather – April 13th

Greetings, all. I don’t have much new information for you, but I wanted to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Markham’s community centres (and most other things) are closed “until further notice”. The Theatre has told us they are closed until May 31st at the earliest, so it’s possible the community centres are on that same potential schedule, but we don’t know for sure.. If so, the earliest we’d have a rehearsal is June 1st, and I wouldn’t bet on that. Whenever the exec has more information, we will share it with you.

The May concert is of course cancelled, and by now everyone with tickets to that show should have been contacted by the box office to receive a refund or to donate their ticket price to MCB. If that didn’t happen, please let me know. (I’ve been asked whether we are still being charged by the Theatre for the May show. We are not.)

We are working with the Theatre to finalize our 2020/21 season and our mailing materials, but we will not be sending those out or making tickets available for now. Once the restrictions are beginning to lift, we’ll make a decision on when to start ticket sales, as it seems unlikely people are in a “buy tickets for a concert series” mood right now.

Markham Village Music Festival (June 20th) has not yet been cancelled, and again we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything. Ditto for August 9th’s Orillia gig.

I think that’s everything you might want to know about MCB at the moment. If you have additional questions, reply to this email. I hope you are all well and safe and not annoying your neighbours too much with your practicing. 🙂

Message from Doug – April 13th

The flashback from Dec. 2019 is posted. Enjoy.






Message from Doug – April 9th

The only good news about having no rehearsals is that I’m catching up on other MCB stuff. There’s new music to find, purchase and catalogue, and a database to update. I’ll also get caught up on our YouTube channel. 
Freshly uploaded is a three minute flashback from Oct. 2019. I’ll get to December and March soon.
A reminder- it would be great to get 100 subscribers- then we can change the somewhat unrecognizable link above to something more memorable.
A fun way to keep your chops in shape is the venerable Music Minus One product line. You’ll get an audio recording accompaniment and sheet music for your instrument. Here’s a link to a local distributor, but if you google, you’ll find greater selection further afield.
The May show, as you know, has already been cancelled. It seems unlikely that we’ll have any rehearsals and shows in the near future, but we’ll keep you updated as we get official confirmation. Next season’s four theatre shows had already been outlined and advertising prepared, so we’re planning on using “British Invasion” for the 21/22 season.
All is well here- Akito just turned eleven months, and is having fun practicing his almost-walking. Please stay safe and in good spirits!

Message from Heather – March 31st

Dear band members,

Markham Theatre informed us today that they will be closed until May 31st, which of course means that MCB’s May 3rd concert will not take place.

Our VP Doug Hoyle is talking to the theatre staff tomorrow morning to determine what happens next, and the exec is meeting electronically tomorrow evening to discuss what he learns. I’ll give you more details once we have them, probably via email Thursday, but I can tell you for sure that ticket holders will be able to get refunds. (Process not yet clear, and I will share that as well once we have it.)

I sincerely hope that you are all well and safe and staying home as much as you possibly can. The more we all practice physical distancing, the faster this will pass and we’ll be able to play together again.

Message from Doug – March 10th

Our spring/summer schedule seems to have filled in, and our theatre dates for next season are confirmed. Subject to change, here’s what we know.
Monday March 16 to Monday June 15 (except Apr.13 (Easter) and May 18 (Victoria Day): regular rehearsal
April 18, MCB mini-band at Swan Lake Park, 12 pm – 2 pm, details to follow
Sunday May 3, Flato Markham Theatre, 12:45 call for 2 pm show. Dress is all black.
Saturday June 6, Main St. Unionville, t.b.a.
Saturday June 20, Main St. Markham 1:15 – 2:45 pm
Summer Break: no rehearsals June 22, 29, July 6, 13
Monday July 20: regular rehearsal
Monday July 27: regular rehearsal
Monday August 3: no rehearsal (Civic Holiday)
Sunday, August 9: Orillia Aquatheatre, 6 – 8 pm
No rehearsal Aug. 10 (post-Orillia recovery)
Monday August 17: Regular Monday rehearsals continue (no Sept. 7 (Labour Day) or Oct. 12 (Thanksgiving)
Theatre Dates:
Sunday Oct. 18, 2 pm: Your Old, Old Favourites
Sunday Nov. 29, 2 pm: A Seasonal Celebration
Sunday Feb. 28, 2 pm: MCB Rocks Again
Sunday May 2, 2 pm: The Murderer Returns…?
To be confirmed- we’re in negotiations with a clinician to come in on two Monday nights in May to run sectionals for everyone! Also, we’ll likely be performing at the Markham Fair in the fall.
Also, Yuki, Akito and I will be in Japan (assuming that the coronavirus has run its course) for June and July. Sean will be handling the podium in my absence.
Here’s the playlist for our March 16 rehearsal.
The Beatles: Love
Battle Hymn
An Irish Rhapsody
Music of the Beatles
Mannin Veen
Brilliant Beatles

Maps for our Shows

Click ‘view larger map’ on a particular map to go to a full-sized one where you can also get directions to the concert.

Flato Markham Theatre

Markham Fair

Markham Village Festival (Main St Markham and Robinson)

Orillia Aqua Theatre


Details in the event of rain for Orillia

Doors to the Opera House will only be open at 5:30pm for load in. Band members can enter via the elevator entrance or front door. The elevator entrance is through the double doors – with windows – toward the back of the Opera House, directly across from the Library entrance in the parking lot.

From the elevator, the stage is on the 3rd floor. From the front entrance or ground floor, the stage is on the 1st floor (meaning up the stairs and through the double doors).

Unionville Millennium Bandstand

Click ‘view larger map’ on a particular map to go to a full-sized one where you can also get directions to the concert.

Suggestion Box (from Heather – June 19, 2019)

Many of you have given the exec ideas and suggestions, which is great. It’s often hard for us to keep track, though, especially when they’re given at rehearsals and we don’t have a chance to write them down.

So, we now have a form! If you go to you can give us your suggestion and why you think it’s something MCB should do. All responses come directly to me, and if they fit with our five-year plan I’ll take them to the exec for a group decision on whether (and when) to go ahead.
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