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The Band has a private email list which we use for updates on concert cancellations, upcoming events, and rehearsal playlists. To receive these important messages you must sign up by sending an e-mail to telling us your name and which section you’re in. (Already signed up? Click HERE to be transferred to the group login page.)

Suggestion Box (from Heather – June 19, 2019)

Many of you have given the exec ideas and suggestions, which is great. It’s often hard for us to keep track, though, especially when they’re given at rehearsals and we don’t have a chance to write them down.

So, we now have a form! If you go to you can give us your suggestion and why you think it’s something MCB should do. All responses come directly to me, and if they fit with our five-year plan I’ll take them to the exec for a group decision on whether (and when) to go ahead.

Percussion equipment moving roster

The current version of the roster for moving percussion is available here.

Loaner Instrument Policy

The current version of MCB’s policy on its loaner instruments is available here.

Maps for our shows

Click ‘view larger map’ on a particular map to go to a full-sized one where you can also get directions to the concert.

Flato Markham Theatre

Markham Fair

Markham Village Festival (Main St Markham and Robinson)

Orillia Aqua Theatre


Details in the event of rain for Orillia

Doors to the Opera House will only be open at 5:30pm for load in. Band members can enter via the elevator entrance or front door. The elevator entrance is through the double doors – with windows – toward the back of the Opera House, directly across from the Library entrance in the parking lot.

From the elevator, the stage is on the 3rd floor. From the front entrance or ground floor, the stage is on the 1st floor (meaning up the stairs and through the double doors).

Unionville Millennium Bandstand

Chartwell Woodhaven Long Term Care, 380 Church Street

Oak Ridges Community Centre, 12895 Bayview Ave.

Summer Gigs

– Saturday June 1, 11:30 – 12:30: Unionville Music Festival, Unionville Millennium Bandstand
– Saturday June 15, 1:00 – 2:30: Markham Village Music Festival, Main St. and Robinson St. Markham
Sunday July 28, 7:00 – 9:00: Sunday night Concert Series, Unionville Millennium Bandstand
Sunday Aug 4, 1:00 – 2:15: Oak Ridges Community Centre & Pool, 12895 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill, ON
Sunday August 25, 6:30 – 8:30: Couchiching Beach Park, Orillia Aqua Theatre, Orillia 
Sunday September 15, 9:00 – 9:40  Terry Fox Run, Markham.
Saturday September 28, 4:00 – 4:30  Markham Museum.
– Saturday October 5, 5:00 – 6:00: Markham Fair, Markham Fairgrounds (McCowan & Elgin Mills)

Message from Doug – Sep 17th

I’ve attached our flyer for the Oct. 20 show. Please share it digitally with friends and family, and do your part to help fill the theatre. Remember- our theatre costs are high, and we don’t make any money until we sell over 200 tickets!
Department of Hearing Safety: I’m very impressed with the ear protection I purchased on Amazon. They’re comfortable and effective- everyone should consider ways to mitigate hearing damage.
Details for the Sept. 28 show at Markham Museum, 9350 Markham Road (just north of 16th Avenue)
On site no later than 3:30 for the 4 pm downbeat. We’re scheduled to play for thirty minutes. The setup will be similar to Markham Fair- half the band on stage, half on the floor. Hopefully I can use our podium and not a picnic table… Dress is green top, khaki pants, hats and sunglasses are fine. Bring a music stand.
Outside of the trombone section (and I think we’ve got that solved), I haven’t heard about any troubles covering parts for Sept. 28. I’ve picked repertoire accordingly:
Sept. 28:
Big Band Polka
Dusk Dances
Bobby Sox
El Bimbo
Flunky Jim
Swing the Mood
That’s likely more music than we’ll need for a thirty minute show, but have those ready.
We’ve got two working rehearsals left for our Oct. 20 show. Please come prepared to run the following:
Aladdin / Trumpet sectional
Sponge Bob /
Lone Ranger
March Ext
My Neighbor
Walking Frog

Message from Doug – Sep 12th

It’s my sad duty to let you all know that Beth (horn, librarian) Crichton’s father has passed away.

Visitation is this Sunday from 2 – 4 pm and 7 – 9 pm at:

Dixon-Garland Funeral Home
166 Main Street North
Markham L3P 1Y3
905 294-2030
That’s Main St. Markham, about halfway between Highway 7 and 16th Ave.
The funeral is this Monday, 11 am, at:
Heritage United Church
7046 11th Concession
Markham L6B 1A8
That’s a bit northeast of Steeles Ave E and Beare Rd.
I met Beth’s dad several times over the past few years, and he was always enthusiastic about our music. He’ll be missed.

Message from Doug Manning – Sep 10th

Generally good rehearsal last night. Please be sure to solve the home problems at home, so we can make music in our limited time together. And please bring- and use- a pencil so repetitions of previous suggestions can be avoided. Listening to recordings of the pieces is an important component to individual practice. If you understand what the piece is doing, you can contribute more effectively.
As always, if you’d like access to our Shared Folder on Dropbox for reference recordings, email me directly.
I cleared out some older material from our Shared Folder on Dropbox. It’s now in “MCB Archives” on Dropbox. If you’d like access to the older stuff, and have lots of cap room, feel free to ask.
For our Sept. 16 rehearsal:
My Neighbor (rehearsal O to end)
On Wings
March Ext

Message from Doug Hoyle – Sep 10th

First, thanks to all who’ve agreed to take part in this show. The organizer really appreciates our involvement, and being seen to help out the community is good for our image, so thank you! (We will be self-promoting during the show also) If you haven’t yet agreed but would like to, email Doug & myself directly.

For parking, we’re going to meet at 8:25AM in the outer ring of Markville Mall’s parking lot. Going west on 7 from McCowan, turn right onto Bullock Drive then right into the mall. Turn left then left again to park. (if you know the mall, you’re looking for the west side of Walmart by Bullock.) We will then carpool over to the show at Unionville Library (Carlton and Unionville Main) as the race organizer has reserved only four parking spots for us. If you have a high capacity vehicle, we would like to use it for the short run to the show. 

(Directions for getting to the library if you end up as a carpool driver) – leave the mall by the same entrance you came in and drive straight onto Austin Drive and past several condo buildings. Turn right onto Kennedy, then left onto Carlton, and right onto Library Lane before Unionville Main Street.)

Things to bring: your instrument and folder, your music stand, any special chairs if you need one  (most of us will stand & 4 chairs will be provided), music clips

Uniform: green tops and khaki bottoms

From Doug Manning:
Here’s the playlist for the day.
O Canada (Bray)
Mickey Mouse
El Bimbo
Hands Across
Bobby Sox
Mad Major
Swing the Mood
March of the Belgian
Big Band Polka
I know we’ll be missing some percussion and harmonies, but we’ll do what we can with what we’ve got.

Message from Sharon – Sep 10th

A reminder that fees have increased this year to $120 and can be paid by cash, cheque made payable to the Markham Concert Band, which I can collect at next week’s rehearsal, or electronically.  Full-time students pay only $25.  
For new members, the fee is not payable until after a 6-week probationary period.
If you would like to make a donation to the band, you will receive a donation receipt for any amount paid in excess of the annual fees.  We had several donations made last night from our very generous members!
If anyone has any concerns re: the fee payment, please speak to me directly at next rehearsal.

Message from Doug – Sep 5th

School’s started, and a new season awaits.
Section leaders, if you haven’t done so already, please confirm with your section that we have the following dates covered:
Saturday September 28, Markham Museum, tbd but now it’s likely 4 -6 pm, green tops, khaki bottoms, hats and sunglasses are fine, bring a music stand
We’ll be part of a city-organized presentation (although since they still can’t confirm details, “organized” might be a charitable description), and likely won’t play more than ten charts. 
Saturday October 5, 5 – 6 pm, Markham Fair,  green tops, khaki bottoms, hats and sunglasses are fine, bring a music stand
Tentative playlist will similar to June 1.
Reminder- please send any Milan memories to me, and cc
For Oct. 20, not in order.   * = advertised and unlikely to be withdrawn
O Canada (Breen)
Sponge Bob Pirate Pants
Lone Ranger*
Superhero Medley*
My Neighbour Totoro*
On Wings of Eagles
Walking Frog
Scenes from the Louvre*
March Extempore
Popular (with vocalist Jessica)
I Dreamed (with vocalist Jessica)
We’re a little over halfway to our goal of 100 YouTube subscribers. Please consider sharing the link with friends and family. It’s a quick way of generating positive interest for our theatre shows, and increasing theatre attendance is a major priority for next season. I’ll be gradually adding some older content, and will also add excerpts from each new theatre show.
Bonus listening- here’s the best grade five/six band I’ve ever heard. Just awesome.
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